I am a Nerd, passionate about technology, the real one, not like the apple fanboys. I’m one of the few people that still think that free access to information is a fundamental right of humanity, but most of us are forced to work with technology by consecrating the profit of the companies that resell our personal data. All in all, I think I have been very lucky. Very productive since I was a child, I always survived with small effort somehow.

Pessimistic and anxious, I see the glass half empty. My thoughts, evidently against the tide of the modern consumer society, promote the idea that sooner or later we will come to the collapse of our socio-economic-capitalist structure. For now, here is where my bread is buttered. But I would like to start being hopeful, less pessimistic and trusting our kind. For sure we have a way out, but it is definitely far away from google, facebook, instagram, TikTok and other bullshit.

I feel that there is no drive to share and build beautiful things together, the things we feel will make the world a better place. Maybe just a village, or a flat, but a better place.

I miss the emotion transmitted by the person next to you after solving a problem for them: when you brought the internet to a village where it wasn’t there before and you connected people so far isolated; when you restart the machinery of a factory that can start producing again; the smile of the family to whom you repaired their only PC, and the children can continue to study.

Spam, massive advertising, online trading are the symbols of the degrading vice of our digital age, a bit like hard drugs in the 1970s. These things were proposed to us, we liked them and we accepted them in our life. These are not the things we really need, but we have to dispose of the excess production of this shit that we have created somewhere, and we need new users, more and more.

And I’m in this for the long haul, not only as a victim: I am also with the executioners.

We are used to living in a world where everything is intangible, and we are convinced that we thrive with activities that are completely disconnected from physicality. A virtual space where not even the consequences of one’s choices seem to be reflected in the real world. I am talking about online trading, binary operations, video games and, why not, also cryptocurrencies. It is a wonderful space, it allows us to disappear without a trace: even using our name and our face, the effects in the community are so small that even if everything goes wrong we are like leaves in the wind.

If a bricklayer builds a house and does a good or a bad job, everyone can see it, comment on it, share it: any activity in the real world can become a monument to our virtues or it can represent our failure. On the other hand, an online scammer is anonymous, so are his victims, who for a mixture of virility and shame will never admit to themselves or others that they have been scammed, instead, they will describe their defeat as a great victory.

Having no longer natural predators, a common enemy, we are dissipating all our energies against ourselves: we look for our own weak points, attack them and try to defend them. We are using our animal reflexes in a world that we have created for ourselves, which we obviously do not know how to inhabit. We have forgotten about culture: the only one worthy of populating the virtual world, crushed by the brute force of the power of money. Artists, scientists, inventors and philosophers do not belong to this world, they must be free to create without having to play a cat and mouse game. They can’t afford to waste their energy on this bullshit. Works of art have always been paid for by monarchs, states or patrons. The great discoveries in the public domain are almost always pushed by public administrations, not by stock market sharks.